Vitamania: The Sense and Nonsense of Vitamins

Dr Derek Muller takes us on an epic adventure, a world-spanning investigation of vitamin science and history, asking how do we decide whether to take vitamin supplements, or not?

Almost one billion of us take a regular dietary supplement, mainly vitamin tablets. Vitamins are enthusiastically endorsed by celebrities, and vitamin-fortified foods line our supermarket shelves.

But how safe are these products? Is it true that vitamins are “natural” and therefore can’t do you any harm? How are they regulated, and how can parents make the right choices for their children’s health?

These surprisingly urgent questions are investigated by scientist Dr Derek Muller in Vitamania, the latest documentary made by Emmy Award-winning Australian filmmakers, Genepool Productions.


“Superb science…and funky in every sense. It will extend both your life…and brain span”
— Robyn Williams, The Science Show, ABC Radio National

“In her own way, [Sonya Pemberton] and her collaborators are trying to reclaim the territory of trust at a time when scientific denialism is still rife and when that territory has been shrinking. This complex, dense, ultimately benignly enlighten­ing and always fun to watch documentary is what truth-seeking looks like: a group of filmmakers pursuing ideas with curiosity, openness and discipline.”
— Graeme Blundell, The Australian


“A cracking watch” — Adam Spencer, Author, Broadcaster, Geek, Dad


“★★★★ The first time that composer Casey Bennetto (Keating! The Musical) appears, singing a multi-genre medley explaining vitamins found in food, his presence is a jarring reminder of That Sugar Film, which also employs musical numbers to impart facts. But by the time he sings a Dylanesque ballad about the vitamin industry, it all makes alarming sense. Australian-Canadian science presenter, Derek Muller, forces a rethink about what is in those magic pills.”
— Bridget Mcmanus, TV Critic, The Age & SMH

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Presented by Screen Australia in association with SBS Australia, CuriosityStream, ARTE France and Film Victoria

Duration: 90 minutes
Released: August 2018
Broadcast Partners: SBS Australia, CuriosityStream, and ARTE France
Broadcast Sales: Off The Fence

Presented by Dr Derek Muller
Written, Directed and Produced by
Sonya Pemberton
Executive Producers: Sonya Pemberton, Michael Cordell, Nick Murray & Derek Muller
DOP And Co-Producer: Harry Panagiotidis
Editor: Wayne Hyett A.S.E.
Music: Rafael May
Songs: Casey Bennetto
Animation And Visual Effects: Dom Bartolo - 21-19

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