VITAMANIA launches around the world!

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We are excited to announce Vitamania: the sense of nonsense of vitamins has officially gone live around the world.

Across sixteen days Vitamania has toured with Think Inc, launched on CuriosityStream, broadcast on SBS Australia and is now live on our website,! ARTE have announced they will broadcast Vitamania in France and Germany on September 25. What a journey it's been...

The film has received a lot of attention, below are some of our favourite reviews and interviews.

 Vitamania, swallowed whole“This complex, dense, ultimately benignly enlightening and always fun to watch documentary is what truth-seeking looks like: a group of filmmakers pursuing ideas with curiosity, openness and discipline.” - The Australian, written by Graeme Blundell

 Vitamania- Meet the Filmmaker“Now more than ever we need to be focusing on telling good science stories” Sonya Pemberton in conversation with Screen Australia

 Veritasium YouTube scientist Derek Muller takes on the vitamin industry: “The goal of the film, Muller says, is to encourage people to think more critically about the choices they make.” - The Financial Review, written by Theo Chapman

Derek Muller Tells Us The Truth About Vitamins on The Project

 For more information on the film, including bonus content and ways to watch, visit