Genepool Productions, CARBON selected to participate in Shark Island Institute’s Story Development and Impact Lab 2018

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Genepool is thrilled that CARBON — alongside five other socially impactful productions — has been selected to participate in the Shark Island Institute’s Story Development and Impact Lab. Writer and Director Daniella Ortega, together with Executive Producer Sonya Pemberton, will head to Kangaroo Valley in August 2018 to participate in one-on-one meetings and industry sessions to help cultivate and strengthen the project.


Director/Writer: Daniella Ortega; Executive producer: Sonya Pemberton

The extraordinary life story of carbon, the most talked about but least understood element on earth. Through an epic sensory cinematic adventure through time and place we reveal that carbon’s story is not just about a warming climate, devastated oceans and whether or not we should put a tax on it. The story of carbon is the essential story of us.