That's a wrap for LAWLESS

We are thrilled to announce that we have just completed the new four part science / history series 'LAWLESS - The Real Bushrangers' for Foxtel. LAWLESS – The Real Bushrangers is a landmark documentary series exploring Australia’s most iconic crimes of colonial history. These are stories of violent murder and gun toting mayhem, foundation tales of those that make and break the law. From the birth of the Ned Kelly legend to the brutal death of Ben Hall, these pivotal events are shrouded in mystery and folklore. How do we separate fact from fiction? Now Mike Munro - Australia’s own television icon - and a specialist team featuring historian Dr Kiera Lindsey, archaeologist Adam Ford and forensic pathologist Professor Roger Byard investigate the legends of these rebels and the people who fought against them, using the full force of modern day science. Using archaeology to literally break new ground and the latest forensic methods to test the historical evidence, the team illuminate a fact-based version of our history.­  Join the Lawless team as they uncover new evidence, deliver new insights and reveal some deeply inconvenient truths.

A huge thank you to the entire team behind LAWLESS - The Real Bushrangers. Many people and organisations were involved in the making of this series and we greatly appreciate everyone's passion, time and generosity.   Thank you to our funding partners Foxtel, Screen Australia, Film Victoria and Screen Queensland.

The series is set to go to air later this year on Foxtel's HISTORY channel.

NewsPhillip Dean