Genepool Productions' creative director Sonya Pemberton featured in latest COSMOS Magazine

Old media's place in the internet age. (article by Andrew Masterson) [Excerpt]Since its release in mid-Cosmos Sonya Pemberton2015, Uranium: Twisting the Dragon’s Tail, a three-part documentary made by Melbourne’s Genepool Productions, has gathered a swag of distinctions – some more welcome than others. In September this year, the show, written by Wain Fimeri and presented by Derek Muller, won the gong for Best Long Form Series at the prestigious Jackson Hole Science Media Awards held in Boston. After it was broadcast in the US, however, the production achieved another milestone. “It became the most illegally downloaded in PBS International’s history,” says Genepool founder and creative director, Sonya Pemberton. “It’s a dubious honour.” But to Pemberton, it was an indication that the world of traditional science documentary makers and the upstart community of new-breed, internet-based science communicators were nowhere near as far apart as commonly thought. In one important sense, Uranium had a foot in both camps. Commissioned and made as broadcast television, the three-parter was presented by Canadian-Australian host Muller, who is best known for presenting short, sharp science videos on his own YouTube channel, Veritasium. The channel boasts just shy of four million subscribers. Cross-promotion of Uranium between Veritasium, traditional broadcasters and the Facebook phenomenon I F---ing Love Science (with 25 million fans) resulted in unprecedented levels of awareness for Pemberton’s product.

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