JABBED breaks SBS Australia records

“JABBED is SBS's most successful commissioned single documentary in recent history - in terms of impact on national discussion, audience reach and response from viewers and health professionals it has been a tremendous success. The television audience was 25% above the usual for the time slot and JABBED received a 6.1% audience share. Viewed by over half a million people, it can claim the most number of catch up views of any commissioned single documentary in SBS history. It had the largest number of comments on the website for a single documentary, and was a huge social media hit, trending in the top 5 on Twitter nationally, and reaching over 1,000,000 Facebook users. Health professionals have been in contact in their hundreds saying how JABBED has changed views on immunisation, scientists have congratulated the film on its balanced evidence-based tone, and the response from parents has been overwhelming. JABBED has succeeded in starting a remarkable, new, national conversation around vaccination.”

John Godfrey, Senior Commissioning Editor – SBS Documentaries.

Highlights of the documentary ‘Jabbed – Love, Fear & Vaccines’

• JABBED provoked discussion around vaccination across all media. Attention was at a premium the two weeks before and after broadcast. The reach went beyond the public broadcaster domain into coverage in mainstream commercial TV news and current affairs programs, and a variety of popular national morning and evening television chat shows.

• Newspaper coverage was national and significant in reach, including making Front Page of ‘The Age’ as well as thousands of words and dozens of articles in both broadsheet and tabloid print media. (The publicity campaign generated an equivalent advertising dollar value of $766,000)

• Significant radio coverage on major commercial and public broadcasting networks, across Australia.

• Social media impact has been huge, including trending in the top 5 on twitter nationally during TX and reaching over a million people on Facebook with multiple posts on influential pages such as ‘IFLS’ (5 million users) and ‘Science Alert’ (3 millions users) and major parenting sites like ‘Bub Hub’.

• The online survey has been taken by almost 6 000 people with over 43 000 unique browsers of the website.

• The trailer has been viewed on line over 15 500 times.

• High-level positive feedback from leaders in government, academic, medical and scientific communities.

• Wide-ranging impact for GPs and clinics with clinics reporting high levels of immunisation in the days following broadcast.

• Hundreds of letters, emails and comments from parents.

• And JABBED is constantly being uploaded to a large number of illegal pirate download sites… a sure sign of national and global interest.