Uranium: Twisting the Dragon’s Tail

The untold story of the most wondrous and terrifying rock on Earth.

Uranium – Twisting the Dragon’s Tail is a stunning documentary series exploring the incredible story of uranium, from its creation in an exploding star to its deployment in nuclear weapons, nuclear power and nuclear medicine. It’s a journey across nine countries and more than a century of stories, to discover the rock that made the modern world. It’s part science, part history and all epic adventure. Join physicist and YouTube phenomenon Dr Derek Muller as he reveals the untold story of the most wondrous and terrifying rock on Earth.


Presented by Screen Australia in association with PBS, SBS Australia and Film Victoria

Duration: 3 x 51 minutes
Released: 2015
Broadcast Partners: SBS Australia, PBS, ZDF Arte
Broadcast Sales: PBS International

Key Credits
Dr Derek Muller
Writer/Director: Wain Fimeri
Producer: Sonya Pemberton
Additional Writer/Director: Steve Westh
Director Of Photography: Jaems Grant A.C.S.
Editors: Wayne Hyett A.S.E., Alex Archer
Line Producer/Field Producer: Josephine Wright
Line Producer: Kate Pappas
Associate Producer: Harry Panagiotidis
Production Coordinator: Kate Breen
Advisors: Dr Adi Paterson, Dr Carl-Magnus Larsson, Dr Peter Karamoskos, Adam Sharah