Tales of the Unexpected

Episode 1 - The Secret Life of Breasts
Laying breasts bare in the name of science.

Episode 2 - Secrets of The Hand
The real science of palm reading.

Episode 3 - Who’s Your Daddy?
Now there’s nowhere to hide your genes.

Palm-reading doctors, the evolutionary benefits of cheating, and toxic breasts – Tales of the Unexpected is an exciting new series of documentaries that shines light into some of the stranger corners of science.

Tales Of The Unexpected is a strand of provocative, confronting and thoroughly entertaining science documentaries. Each episode reveals a fascinating, sometimes awkward, and frequently unsettling world where peculiar ideas are put to the test. Come with us to where nothing is quite as it seems, where diseases are diagnosed by palm-readers, where paternity uncertainty drives the mating game, and where breasts are a toxic health hazard.


Produced by Genepool Productions for Smithsonian Networks and SBS Australia. Principal investor Screen Australia.

Duration: 3 x 52 minutes
Released: 2013
Broadcast Sales: TCB Media Rights

Key Credits
Series Producer:
Peter Rees
Episode Directors: Ili Baré, Anna Bateman & Peter Rees
Executive Producers: Sonya Pemberton & Michael Cordell