'Vaccines' to screen on SBS Australia

'Vaccines - Calling the Shots' premieres on SBS Australia 14th of September at 7.30 pm.

Based on the multi-award winning Australian documentary, 'Jabbed- love, fear and vaccines’, this new film looks at the recent developments across America. With updated information and new stories, the program asks, what would you do to protect the ones you love?

 "While several documentaries have taken on the subject of vaccine controversies, none have matched the pathos, drama, and common sense of VACCINES-CALLING THE SHOTS. It's not easy to at once counter the false beliefs of parents who fear vaccines while at the same time showing a heartfelt compassion for their struggle.”  Dr Paul Offit, Professor of Pediatrics, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

“Perhaps the program will get through to people who still doubt vaccines. Published science hasn’t fully done the trick, and pediatricians are left to tussle with resistant parents. A better approach might be to focus on the next generation: Show this first-rate documentary to middle school kids. “ Nathan Seppa, SCIENCE NEWS

“If you care about science, it's something you should watch.” Chris Mooney, MOTHER JONES

"Vaccines – Calling the Shots “cuts through the misinformation and acrimony surrounding the vaccine debate.” Gemma Tarlach, DISCOVER MAGAZINE

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