'The Secret Life of Breasts' World premiere announced

Our new documentary 'The Secret Life of Breasts' will have it's world premiere on SBSOne at 8.30 pm Sunday the 6th of April. 'The Secret Life of Breasts' directed by Ili Baré is the first episode of our new series 'Tales of the Unexpected'.

New science is revealing breasts in a way that we’ve never seen them before. For years we’ve been seeking perfection. Gradually we are beginning to understand the wondrous biochemistry and evolution of the breast. But now some scientists believe breasts may be a hidden toxic waste ground, living time-bombs that might endanger not only their owners – but also those who suckle at them. Putting actual breast tissue - and breast milk - to the test we investigate if these wonderful life-giving organs are under threat from the modern world, and, if so, what we can do to save them.

'Tales Of The Unexpected' is a new strand of provocative, confronting and thoroughly entertaining science documentaries. Each episode reveals a fascinating, sometimes awkward, and frequently unsettling world where peculiar ideas are put to the test. Come with us to where nothing is quite as it seems, where diseases are diagnosed by palm-readers, where paternity uncertainty drives the mating game, and where breasts are a toxic health hazard.

Series Producer: Peter Rees Episode Directors: Ili Baré, Anna Bateman & Peter Rees Executive Producers: Sonya Pemberton & Michael Cordell.


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