Secrets of the Hand - World Premiere Sunday 13th of April on SBS One at 8.30 pm

The next episode in the 'Tales of the Unexpected' series 'Secrets of the Hand’ looks at the real science of palm-reading. Make sure you tune in for its world premiere at 8.30 pm on Sunday the 13th of April on SBS One. Thank you to everyone involved in the series, including SBS Australia, Smithsonian Networks and Screen Australia.

Palm-reading doctors, the evolutionary benefits of cheating, and potentially toxic breasts – Tales of the Unexpected is an exciting new series of documentaries that shines light into some of the stranger corners of science.

EPISODE 1 The Secret Life of Breasts - Laying breasts bare in the name of science.

EPISODE 2 Secrets of the Hand - The real science of palm reading.

EPISODE 3 Who's your Daddy? - Now there's nowhere to hide your genes.

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